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If I were to characterize the response from local management I would say they are apathetic toward the people they are supposed to be serving.I don’t blame our carrier I blame the incompetence of local management. I have a suggestion for the top management of USPS in Washington D.

She said it would not be a problem if I did not mind going to other offices.I rated the service Poor because there was not a lower option.I hope you can understand our frustration with the extremely poor service we have experienced for over 20 years.Tagged as: united states postal service address, united states postal service corporate address, united states postal service corporate office headquarters, united states postal service headquarters, united states postal service home office, united states postal service office address, united states postal service office email, united states postal service office fax, united states postal service office phone, united states postal service office phone number, united states postal servicemain office, usps address, usps corporate address, usps corporate office headquarters, usps headquarters, usps home office, usps main office, usps office address, usps office email, usps office fax, usps office phone, usps office phone number We have been trying for 3 years to get mail delivery correct!We have called we have gone to the post office and we still get the wrong mail! I receive there checks, credit card statements and all.

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