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The second time around, it was much more obvious to me whether a woman was interested in me or not, so that a lot of the coy dancing around the issue had disappeared.In fact, as I look back, I can recognize that there were several women who sought me out, and I was too stupid to realize it.In closing, what is the one piece of advice you’d like to give men who are dating again at mid-life? It’s a very large pool, and better-stocked than you might expect.To help yourself make good choices, another good rule of thumb for mid-life single men is to never sleep with anyone they wouldn’t want as a friend.

After your divorce, what was your attitude about finding love again?

There are dozens of others, too, including taking what’s offered too quickly and not paying attention to warning signs. I think this is because they assume that time is running out and they’ll never be more attractive to the opposite sex than they are right now.

Additionally, the fact that they have failed at the most important relationship in their lives does nothing for their self-confidence.

Even if the romantic relationship doesn’t continue, you’ve established another link to her that can be social, emotional and/or intellectual.

Some of my best friends are women, and not all of them are former lovers.

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