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Make sure 2 Minutes (see step #2) is gone after visiting and appropriate data appeared in Mongo DB database. So maybe you’ve decided it’s time to find a Google Analytics reporting template that you can use over and over again.Since Executive Dashboard (ED) and Experience Analytics (EA) are not “runtime” reports and they show some aggregated information after some period of time (we will not cover more details in this article). We will need that reporting DB when executing step #7.So, developers get always something like below: So, below are some steps that developer should do on its dev. Change parameter in “\sitecore\shell\Applications\Reports\Dashboard\Configuration.config” file from 50 to 0.In a vacuum, these numbers may not reveal growth or decline.However, in an analysis and reporting, when they are compared with the same data from the previous month or previous year it provides a clearer picture of which direction these metrics are moving. But somehow it seems like every time a report is due, you find yourself back at square one.

But essentially they can help illustrate when one channel made the introduction, but another channel resulted in the conversion.This parameter is responsible for specifying which interactions to show (if contact has ore or equal than 50 visits - show that in general statistic).Set (you might not require this step, but just in case to be 100% sure that your requests won’t be filtered out as robots.This report helps show where the first contact was made, showing how other channels influenced the final result.– This is most relevant to businesses that target a specific geographical market, but it can really help inform any business.

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