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I knew that he had done some studio work for other recording artists in his earlier days.

As we drove in the 100- plus- degree heat along the winding two-lane blacktop road through parched, pine tree– dotted hills, the quiet, self- effacing Knechtel— with some prompting on my part— slowly began to peel back the layers of his long and varied career.Having started doing some freelance writing for a couple of local newspapers, I thought that the story might make an interesting magazine article.So I e-mailed a pitch letter to Richard Snow, the then- editor- in- chief of American Heritage magazine.Now, as to exactly when people started becoming aware of the Wrecking Crew’s name, it is hard to say.Some of the studio musicians I interviewed swear they heard it applied to themselves as early as 1963; others say it was later. Nevertheless, over the decades the Wrecking Crew’s name has become culturally ingrained.

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